Help .I just attempted Rachel Roddy's pepper tuscan stew (peperosa). It si slow braised stovetop with chianti,salt and pepper. Betters with age. How

ever I must have overccooked it. It is crispy not meltingly good. Can I do anything to help it return to a less crspy state?

Helen Drezner


Nancy November 26, 2019
Helen - by any chance, do you mean this one (peposo with beef, pepper and Chianti)?
If not, how does your recipe vary by ingredients or method?
Many times when you get an unintended too-cooked result, sometimes they taste good - a little extra texture, a little more caramelization.
If you don't like that taste/texture, the overcooking can sometimes be modified if not removed.
I would line a new clean pot with a film of olive oil, scoop the current stew into that, cover and refrigerate (minimum) overnight.
After one day, taste and check the taste and texture. If really too burned, or bad-tasting, toss it and chalk it up to experience.
If not so bad, warm and serve.
Amanda H. November 26, 2019
Hi Helen, is it just the exterior that's crisp, or is all the meat firm when you cut into it? Is there still liquid in the pan? If it's over-cooked, you could slice the meat thinly and make sure to serve it with lots of sauce (this is the usual trick used for overcooked turkey on Thanksgiving, funnily enough!); otherwise, you can cut the meat into small pieces and use it to make hash with the peppers and some cubed potatoes.
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