Best ideas for using truffle oil in an appetizer... My in-laws gave us a bottle of truffle-flavored olive oil that they brought back from Italy.

Unfortunately, we haven't used it yet, and it has a "best by" date of Jan 2019. We have never broken the seal, and it has been in the fridge for much (but not all) of the time. We will open it up and taste it to make sure it's still good. But assuming it is fine, I would like some ideas for simple appetizers that can feature this oil, for when my in-laws will be here for a Holiday meal. Thanks.

  • Posted by: Terri
  • November 29, 2019


Kristen W. November 30, 2019
It could be a nice garnish for a creamy mushroom soup.
Nancy November 29, 2019
Best? Hard to say.
It's good on many dishes...
A few classic ideas...on a risotto, scrambled eggs (done slow and buttery as an appetizer), on a simple pasta, over sauteed mixed mushrooms on toast.
HalfPint November 29, 2019
Try it on deviled eggs
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