How can I make large batches of pie dough?



boulangere November 30, 2019
My first question is: how large is large?
Sharon S. December 1, 2019
Like if I wanted to do 20 double crusted pies to freeze ahead.
Nancy December 1, 2019
If you have a home-sized (not industrial-sized) mixer, you could probably make a double batch of the stand mixer dough recipe here at food52 for one crust.
To make (quickly) for 20 double crust pies, have all ingredients measured and ready, then make several batches in a row.
Or borrow/rent an industrial kitchen for a few hours.
boulangere December 1, 2019
Sharon, if you were my neighbor, I would gladly invite you over to my kitchen to have some tea, listen to a couple of podcasts, and make a 24-batch of pie doughs in my 20-quart Hobart. Sadly, you are not, but this recipe yields 2 pie doughs per batch, and you should be able to make a double batch in a stand mixer. Do all your prep ahead: have a canister of flour to hand, a bowl of salt and one of sugar, chunk up all your butter and keep it in the refrigerator until needed, and make a large pitcher of ice water. Have your plastic wrap ready and a place to round up the doughs. Making the recipe six times will duplicate Henry Ford's assembly line. In a manner of speaking. But I suspect that if you're intending to make 24 pie doughs, you already know that. Lucky you with all that gold in the freezer!
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