Can pate sucree be used in place of American pie dough??

I have been a little hesitant to make American pie dough because there seems to be a lot "don'ts". Can pate sucree be used in the place of American pie dough for a traditional American apple pie? I am trying to find the easiest pie dough recipe.

  • Posted by: Alaina
  • November 21, 2020


Lori T. November 21, 2020
Pate Sucree wouldn't be my first choice for a traditional apple pie, because I find that dough a bit too tender. It's just not well suited to a double crust pie, either. A filled double crust pie is best made with either a pate brisee or the American style pie dough. I know there seem to be a lot of don't bits with pie dough, just don't let them put you off trying. You can also add a spoonful of sugar to a traditional pie dough recipe, for a bit more coloring and taste- without going the full pate sucree route. If gluten formation has you spooked, try my favorite trick. Instead of the full amount of water a recipe calls for, use a mixture of half plain vodka and half ice cold water. Vodka will act as a liquid for binding purposes, but gluten cannot form with alcohol. So you get a dough that's easier to handle, and less worry about a tough end crust. The alcohol evaporates in the baking, and won't change the taste of anything. Once your pie is filled and topped with crust, brush down the top dough with a bit of cold water, or even run an ice cube over it to dampen it. Then you can sprinkle on a dusting of sugar, which will slightly caramelize during baking and add a new taste dimension to the pie. It also helps to chill an unbaked pie for at least an hour before baking, and to use foil strips as needed to protect edges from getting overdone.
Alaina November 21, 2020
Thank you! I will try out the tips you provided!
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