Too sweet for me! Any tried and true alternatives?

Hi all! Just wondered if anyone has made these with less sugar. I understand that sometimes sugar just makes it, but I like biscotti for daily breakfast, so this would be too much! Any suggestions? I thought about leaving just the brown or halving both.

  • Posted by: Emily
  • December 4, 2019


pauldonofrio October 2, 2021
Why is there no oven temp given?????????
Nancy December 4, 2019
I have made a mandel brot (that's biscotti up in central Europe) recipe for years with them disappearing at dinners and/or going home with guests for breakfast. This one has 2/3 ratio sugar to flour.
Another recipe, also made to acclaim for years, is from Boston food writer Corby Kummer, and it uses 1/2 sugar to flour ratio.
The recipe you found too-sweet has 4/5 sugar-to-flour. If you cut it in half, you'll have 2/5 sugar to flour.
Might work or might change the texture of the cookie.
It would be nice to hear what you do next and how the recipe(s) work out.
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