The pie crust turned out flaky and delicious, but I get TONS of butter just dripping over the side.

Is this normal?

I was able to put a baking sheet underneath the pie to catch the butter, but then I could see butter bubbling under the crust (glass pan) so I ended up wiping the pan down and placing near the bottom of the oven for 5-10 minutes. It helped get the crust golden, but just wondering if that happens to everyone?

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Best All Butter Pie Crust Dough
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HalfPint December 16, 2019
According to the comments in the recipe, yes, that does happen. Recommendations are to: 1. really chill the dough, ie. freeze it hard, then thaw in the fridge over night. 2. Make sure the oven is really hot. I did not see any updates from anyone trying these 2 things, but sounds about right. Other things that you already know, don't over work or handle the dough, this causes it to shrink when baked and apparently, all that hard work on crimping would be wasted (one person said it looked 'ugly').
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