Serving caviar for Christmas eve but what to serve it on for grandma who can't chew hard food?

I would love to serve a caviar centered charcuteri board for Christmas eve but I dont want grandma to be left out cause she cant eat crunchy food. I like to serve my caviar with crusty bread and crackers and all the traditional toppings. I've considered blinis or even parmesan crisps something that is soft and melty but will still hold the caviar ans toppings. Any more suggestions would be so helpful

Rachel Ceolla


gandalf December 20, 2019
Here's another idea that I just saw elsewhere on Food52:
boulangere December 18, 2019
Two words: toast points.
Gammy December 16, 2019
What about taking the crusts off the crusty bread on some of the pieces? is the inside soft enough for your grandmom? Or perhaps a nice artisan white bread would work.
Nancy December 16, 2019
Or, instead of shredding hard boiled eggs as a garnish, scoop out the yolks for another use. Then use the whites to serve Grandma's (and/or everyone's, as a choice) caviar.
gandalf December 16, 2019
What about thin rye bread with the crusts trimmed off? Or serving twice-baked potatoes with the caviar as a topping?
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