Faster way to cool a rum cake that's supposed to be cooled overnight at room tempature

The recipe I have says that the cake needs to cool at room temperature, if I put the cake in a fridge or freezer, how long will it take?

Alec Senton


Alec S. December 16, 2019
Yes but compared to having it sit overnight in my house how long would I have to have it set outside or in my garage for?
boulangere December 16, 2019
Room temperature is room temperature. And fast is fast. You haven't provided a link to the recipe you are using, so I'm pretty much guessing here. Room temperature is extremely relative. So, absent a recipe link, or an indication of where you live, it is difficult to give you more precise information. Do you live in the Southern Hemisphere where it is now summer, or in the Northern, where we are now entering the grip of winter? Additional information would be most helpful. Especially a recipe link.
boulangere December 16, 2019
I don't know where you live, Alec, but where I am in the Northern Hemisphere where it is generally winter in some form, my favorite rapid cooling place in in what I refer to as my walk-out cooler (I have a restaurant background where we have walk-in coolers), otherwise known as my garage. It has a cold concrete floor, it is sealed via a couple of doors - one large, one not - so the dogs can't get into it, and it is cold. A warm cake isn't going to make a dent in its coldness as it would in a refrigerator.
Alec S. December 16, 2019
It needs to be cooled overnight, forgot to put that in the description
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