A question about a recipe: Roast Chicken with Meyer Lemons

I have a question about step 3 on the recipe "Roast Chicken with Meyer Lemons" from Lizthechef. It says:

"Roast at 375 degrees for 2 hours. Allow chicken to rest, covered, while you make the sauce (recipe below)."

Presumably the chicken is supposed to be removed from the pan before making the sauce, right?

Thanks, Bob

  • Posted by: bobb108
  • March 29, 2011
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Roast Chicken with Meyer Lemons
Recipe question for: Roast Chicken with Meyer Lemons

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Lizthechef March 29, 2011
Sure, remove the cooked chicken and cover tightly with foil to let it rest while you make the sauce...Sorry, I will go back and edit my goof!
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