filling for (Sufganiyot) doughnuts

I want to add a different filling to my Sufganiyot. Need some help for chocolate cream-filled. ( to remind us of the doughnuts we had from the local doughnut shop that had chocolate creame filled doughnuts:)

Ellie Landau


Nancy December 21, 2019
Could you tell us how the chocolate cream filled doughnuts near you tasted?
Like happygoin, I'm guessing and going for basics. One American style, one hybrid babka-doughnut.
Or, you could always fill the sufganiot with a spoonful of chocolate hazelnut paste, if you like that.
Ellie L. December 21, 2019
Thank you so much!
The filling was creamy milk chocolate flavor, but I love the ideas and recipes you suggest! I am going to give those a try:)

Thank you so much!

Happygoin December 21, 2019
Are you asking for a specific recipe? How about chocolate pastry cream? The Spruce Eats website has a good one.

(Not sure I answered your question, sorry)
Ellie L. December 21, 2019
Thank you!

Yes, looking specific recipe:)
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