If I wanted to make this in a square or rectangular pan, how should I adjust the bake time? Thanks!

My springform cake pans leak, so I need to figure something else out.

  • Posted by: Jessica
  • December 21, 2019


Nancy December 22, 2019
Think of the volume of your square or rectangular pan, estimate baking time based on that, check the center for doneness at intervals & more often near the estimated end of the time.
For example the recipe already suggests using two 9-in round layer cake pans. They each hold 6 cups volume, so 12 cups total. But/and a 9-in square pan (often used for brownies) holds 8 cups, so make 2/3 the recipe, or bake 2/3 in the square pan and the rest in something else.
And or get a charge comparing volumes of baking pans (available at many sites) or see Alice Medrich article here.
Wishing you success with the gingerbread cake!
Nancy December 22, 2019
...get a chart comparing...(sorry, auto-incorrect at work)
Nancy December 22, 2019
Afraid this answer might have been too indirect on time.
Since the whole recipe can be made in one large round pan, probably use same timing to bake it in one large rectangular pan.
If you use a 9 in sq pan and less than full recipe, start checking fir doneness about 10 min sooner than specified.
Jessica December 24, 2019
Thanks so much, this was super helpful!!!!
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