Any tips for making these look a little neater/prettier?

Making these today and I've made them a few times before. They taste great and people love them, but I worry they don't look as appetizing as they could. I think it comes down to how the preserves are distributed - it looks kind of amateur and unintentional in a bad way. Any tips? Maybe using cookie cutters and turning them into a linzer? Thanks!!

  • Posted by: Jessica
  • December 24, 2019
Fig & Blue Cheese Savories
Recipe question for: Fig & Blue Cheese Savories


Nancy December 24, 2019
I think your ideas are good ones - both the (simpler) cookie cutter and the Linzer cookie.
A few other presentation ideas -
keep the black pepper out of the dough and dust on top;
serve on a dish lined with doily or nice paper;
serve on a dish with a couple figs cut open at the ends...the same way people put a bit of the fruit used in a cheesecake on top to signal the flavor inside.
Jessica December 24, 2019
Thanks! The pepper was a great idea. I did heart cut-outs and added the pepper and they did look a lot prettier!
Nancy December 24, 2019
Glad to hear your results! Happy Christmas!
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