Would you suggest reducing the no. of eggs if I didn't want a very strong, eggy flavor in my custard? thx!

  • Posted by: Jusika
  • January 5, 2020
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boulangere January 5, 2020
Here is my take on a quiche. The shallow tart pan results in a shorter bake time as well as more tender (in other words, less "eggy") filling.

Nancy January 5, 2020
boulangere -
Good to know.
Does this mean no need to fuss with ingredient subsitutions to reduce eggy taste?
boulangere January 5, 2020
Jusika January 5, 2020
oh wow! I'll check this out, and try a tart pan as well! thank you!
boulangere January 5, 2020
You're very welcome.
Emma L. January 5, 2020
Hi Jusika! As Nancy noted, the eggs don't just add eggy flavor, they add structure, too (helping the quiche set properly)—so I wouldn't recommend altering the amount.
Nancy January 5, 2020
Don't reduce the total amount of eggs or egg equivalent by volume or weight because they provide structure ( along with other nutrients and taste).
If it's the yolks that provide the taste you don't like, reduce the number of yolks but keep the whole volume of liquid egg the same by using more white to replace the yolks. You may want to add an extra 1/2 tsp of oil for every yolk you eliminate.
If it's the whites you don't like the taste of, you'll have to go another route because they provide the structure and if you replace some of all if them with yolks, you'll get a heavy quiche filling.
Rather, replace some (say, half) or all the eggs with some replacement (soft tofu, aquafaba or some seeds - I forget which - that when ground and mixed with liquid help provide structure
There may be more suggestions and technical info in vegan books or websites.
Hope this helps.

Nancy January 5, 2020
Flax or chia seeds.
Jusika January 5, 2020
thanks for the considered reply!
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