Could I make this a crustless quiche?

Quiche, Any Way You Want It
Recipe question for: Quiche, Any Way You Want It


Nancy March 29, 2020
And since it's mostly eggs milk and cheese, treat it like a custard or souffle.
Bake in a ceramic dish, lined with butter and grated cheese, and place in another container with water (bain marie) to even the heat.
foodie2811 March 29, 2020
A water bath is a great idea! I'll have to use it next time. Thanks!
Joanna S. March 29, 2020
Hi again, Foodie! We haven't tried this recipe without its crust, but I *think* it should work OK—though I might consider it more of a frittata than a quiche at that point. Here's what I'd do:
-Heat the oven to 325°
-Grease your baking dish with butter or oil
-Skip adding some cheese first—I worry this will make it harder to remove slices when it's done. Instead, add half the cheese the egg mixture and the other half to the top.
-Have an open mind! It's possible that you won't be able to remove clean slices and would need to scoop pieces out. But I'm sure it'll still be delicious!

Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes!

foodie2811 March 29, 2020
This worked out great! Thanks! I will probably reduce the salt in the custard a little since there's no crust to balance it.
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