can i roll & freeze pizza doe. and then add toppings and cook from frozen

bob bushill


ChefDaddy March 30, 2011
I freeze pizza dough once it is shaped round. I individually quick freeze a few (rounds) and wrap individually and stuff them in the freezer whereever they fit. I top them and put them in the fireplace or oven or grill at high heat and cook from frozen with toppings. Anyone who has kids might understand why I do this. Good luck!

P.S. I also use them for making Calzone. Just a few minutes on the countertop from the freezer and they thaw quickly. add toppings, fold over, pinch the edges, put a few steam holes on the top and viola! Kids are happy.
MHardison79 March 30, 2011
I make my own pizza dough all the time, and usually a double batch for convenience. What I do is make the dough and roll out the crust, parbake for about 5-7 minutes at 425, dont let the dough get golden, but you want the outside to be slightly cooked. Let the crust cool, wrap in plastic wrap and then a layer of foil, and lay flat in freezer(can move around after frozen). When youre ready to eat it, just let it thaw on the counter, top as usual, and bake at 425, when it comes out I usually brush the crust with melted butter mixed with oregano, garlic powder and onion powder. Hope this helps!
jwolfsthal March 30, 2011
i think you will get a very soggy pizza if you try to cook straight from frozen. I have frozen the dough and then thawed with excellent results, but have never tried baking straight from freezing. The microwave or frozen pizzas you buy int he store - i suspect - are freeze dried so that they retain very little water.
testkitchenette March 30, 2011
I would roll out and then bake pizza with a bit of sauce on the top. Then, when cool, put your cheese and other toppings (I would cook any meat/poultry toppings before adding them to the pizza) on the sauce, and freeze, to be baked at a later time. If you roll the dough out and just freeze it, I think you may experience a lot of shrinkage. I've never done that, so you may want to try with a small piece of dough first. Let us know how it works out!
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