Any reason not to use frozen florets? Seems like the ideal convenience bump, but I've never used frozen broccoli so I don't know if it's gross.

Liz Phillips


Emma L. January 7, 2020
Hi Liz! I actually haven't tried frozen broccoli before either, but I don't see why that wouldn't work here (since it's getting blended into a sauce anyway). My only thought is that it might release more water after it's cooked than fresh broccoli would, so you might want to add less water to the sauce. I'd just start with a smaller amount, then adjust to sight.
Liz P. January 7, 2020
Thanks for the speedy reply! I used a 1-lb. bag of florets (not the cuts, which have lots of janky stems), and it worked great. Cooked up faster than fresh (about 4 min.). I did start slowly adding the water, but you were right that it was more of a by-feel thing once it was blended. We garnished with Aleppo pepper just for some kick and color. Everyone liked its warm, rich flavor, and I made them guess the ingredients.
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