I have a great recipe for cheesecake. I want to use this recipe and make it a chocolate cheesecake. What can I add to make it a chocolate cheesecake?

Sharon Kay Potter


Nancy January 11, 2020
I'm guessing you want to use a cheesecake recipe you already know and love, and then add chocolate flavor.
But when you add ingredients, it often changes the balance of ingredients and the texture.
If it were you, I might make a recipe this is already chocolate cheesecake, and has been proven in use, e.g.
Happygoin January 11, 2020
It very likely doesn’t matter. Either one would probably be just fine.
Happygoin January 11, 2020
The answer is likely melted (cooled a bit) bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, but it’s difficult to say without knowing the recipe.
Sharon K. January 11, 2020
I wrote all the ingredients on here, but here they are again:
Milk, sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla, cream cheese and sour cream.
I know how much chocolate to use, I just need to know what kind would be best, bittersweet or semisweet.
Thank you
HalfPint January 10, 2020
Can you post or link the recipe?
Sharon K. January 10, 2020
It has milk, eggs, sugar, cream cheese, flour, sour cream and vanilla
Sharon K. January 11, 2020
Yes, I posted it below
HalfPint January 11, 2020
Quantities would also be great. I’m sure you can add either but it could alter the quantity of some of the other ingredients.
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