How can I restore crystallized honey? I tried putting the jar in hot water but it's still much too thick.


Mary L. February 2, 2020
Never the microwave! The microwave will essentially destroy all of the beneficial enzymes and properties of the honey. Yes, it will return it to a liquid state, but then you should consider it a honey colored sweetener. I put my crystallized honey in an uncovered crock pot set on low with water about 2/3 up the honey container. If the water temperature gets over 120 turn the pot off for a time.
Eileen D. February 2, 2020
The best way to restore honey from crystal to liquid is to put the jar in a warm water bath. Stir occasionally (I use a bamboo skewer). If you want to keep the aliveness of honey (enzymes, etc) is to keep it under 105 degrees F. Most raw honey will crystallize as it has not been ultra-processed originally.
Miss_Karen January 23, 2020
Good news is the honey is the ONLY food that NEVER spoils. Yes you can nuke it, but if it becomes really hard, you can use a microplane or cheese grater......
Happygoin January 23, 2020
Microwaving it for bout 10-15 seconds should do the trick. If not, microwave at 5-second intervals until it's liquid. It will likely re-crystallize again, just so you know.

(Disclosure: All microwaves are different, so watch your honey carefully)
[email protected] January 23, 2020
Thank you, Happygoin. I appreciate your help.
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