Can I sub buckwheat honey for molasses?

My beekeeper friend gave me a jar of buckwheat honey that I don't want to waste. Ideas?



Shuna L. June 8, 2017
Honey and molasses do not at all act the same in baking. Honey's natural enzymes denature protein. Molasses is sugar, cooked down. While I agree that the flavour profiles are similar, substituting is a bad idea.
dinner A. June 7, 2017
Don't sub it for molasses -- they're not that similar and molasses is A LOT cheaper.
I mostly eat buckwheat honey with butter and salt on toast. I've never been willing to sacrifice a whole jar to this recipe for almond-honey squares, but I have had the product and it is delicious:
creamtea June 7, 2017
Buckwheat honey has a very pronounced flavor; taste before deciding about its use in a given application.
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