Lumpy white chocolate mousse.

I made it and now the chocolate has cause lumps. Is there a way to make it smooth or is it a lost cause



boulangere January 24, 2020
Does your recipe by chance call for gelatin?
Lori T. January 24, 2020
As Nancy said- seeing the recipe will allow everyone to give you more useful help in deciding what might have gone wrong. Aside from that, I wonder if the problem may lie in whether you used actual white chocolate or white chips/candy wafer? Real white chocolate contains cocoa butter, where the chips are made using vegetable oil. That can make a big difference in how they work in recipes.
Nancy January 24, 2020
Please send a link to the recipe. And/or tell us if you've made any changes when you cooked it this time.
Then we can know more what's going on and what perhaps to suggest.
Nancy January 27, 2020
Here are some tips from Callebaut about mousse, maybe useful for your next batch.
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