DUMPLINGS need more flavor no matter what I do I can't get enough

Need more flavorful dumplings I don't have enough flavor I don't know how to get the flavor

Charlie Holt


LeBec F. February 11, 2020
"Dumplings" are what? I.E.Potato Dumplings are completely different from Chinese dumplings.
LeBec F. February 11, 2020
o.k. now i see it's potato[or flour]dumplings. if you don't have a health problem with salt, bacon fat and bacon will definitely give those dumplings a power punch
Nancy February 2, 2020
Fat both gives flavor and carries other flavors. Up fat content versus past versions and see how the flavor improves.
Lori T. February 2, 2020
If you kept and skimmed off the chicken fat, you can use that for some of the fat you use in the dumplings. You can also use a bit of chicken bouillon granules in the liquid you add to make that mix into a dough, or rob a bit of the broth itself. Or you can add in the seasonings you would use for the broth- a bit of parsley, garlic powder, sage, salt and pepper, maybe some savory. Dumplings are supposed to be somewhat bland, and absorb flavor from the liquid they cook in as well- so ideally you would be cooking them in the broth you intend to serve with the chicken. That broth needs to be well seasoned and tasty as well, so the dumplings have something to reinforce the flavor.
HalfPint February 2, 2020
What kind of dumplings are you making?
Charlie H. February 2, 2020
Rolled chicken n dumplings
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