My baby potatoes were not fully cooked after the 25 min total cook time..

... and the green beans were all dente. We were fine with the beans being crunchy, but what do you recommend as the correct amount of time to ensue fully cooked potatoes? We have a brand new, high end oven so it’s not the oven’s fault. Once we saw the potatoes were still hard, I realized potatoes always take longer than 25 mins to bake. Thoughts???

  • Posted by: Laura1
  • February 4, 2020


Gammy February 5, 2020
It is possible that your baby potatoes were larger than the recipe writer's baby potatoes. I have seen small potatoes as small as big marbles and as large as a golf balls, both labeled "baby potatoes".
Nancy February 4, 2020
Laura ...we each sometimes have more or better cooking experience than in one particular recipe, as you had with the potatoes in this recipe.
On the one hand, I usually make a new recipe that looks good at least one time just as written.
On the other hand, if something strikes me as not quite right, I may adjust even on the first this case, either parboiling the small potatoes before roasting, or starting them sooner than the rest of the sheet-pan ingredients.
Laura1 February 5, 2020
Thanks, Nancy and others for your speedy replies!! This was my trial run for this recipe, for a weeknight dinner for the 2 of us. Like you, I often rework a new recipe in my head as I read it for the first time, but this recipe looked good-to-go as written (plus review of the comments, because Food52 comments are always informative). When I put the pan in the preheated oven, I told my husband that dinner would be ready in 30 mins and he was skeptical the chicken would be cooked so quickly (he's a phenomenal cook in his own right). The surprise was that the chicken was perfect, but the baby potatoes were only half done. I picked them out, microwaved them on a dish for 6 minutes, and then added them back to the pan, which was still plenty hot. Dinner was delicious! I'm going to print out the recipe and write a note to microwave the potatoes BEFORE adding them to the "veggie bowl," as that's the only way I see to ensure all ingredients are cooked when the pan comes out of the oven-- it's faster than parboiling, and eliminates the need for another pot. I repeat: great, easy, tasty recipe! Thanks everybody!
MMH February 4, 2020
Dont assume that your oven is calibrated correctly just because it is new. It would be wise to test it with an oven thermometer. Ovens can vary drastically.
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