My sugar smells like expired gatorade powder

So, last year, I stuck a bunch of gatorade powder (unpopened) that was gonna expire soon in a crate/container of sorts, and then, since there was room, I decided to put the extra bags of powdered and brown sugar I had bought in the same container (also unopened sugar). I promptly forgot about it until recently, when I ran out of powdered sugar and, while looking everywhere, opened up the container to some unopened, unexpired powdered sugar and an insane stench that came from it having shared close quarters with the now-expired gatorade powder for so long. I threw away the gatorade powder, but since I the sugar was unexpired and I had no other sugar, I tried making icing with it, and the icing tasted exactly as it should, but the smell lingered. Then, I used the brown sugar that was also stored in there to make cookies and the cookies smelled and tasted normal. It’s been a week, however, there is still the gatorade stink emanating from the bags of sugar, even though it might have faded a little.
I doubt anyone else has experienced this, but does anyone know of any way I can remove or speed up the removal of the stink from the sugar?



Gammy February 11, 2020
What a predicament!!! I think the brown sugar might be OK.... the powdered sugar, maybe not. The only thing I could possibly think of to overpower the "Gatorade stench" by adding a couple vanilla beans to the bags and close back up for a month or so? You'd hopefully have vanilla scented/flavored sugar.
sevensugarspiders February 11, 2020
Thank you! I’ll try that.
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