What is a good substitute for tomato paste or tomatoes in recipes?

I use white vinegar on occasion. Any other suggestions?

  • Posted by: NCJ
  • February 12, 2020


Gammy February 12, 2020
Tomato is such a distinctive flavor... what type of recipes are you looking to substitute tomato in? If it is just a tablespoon or two, possibly red wine or bouillon might work.
Nancy February 12, 2020
How will you be using the alternative ingredient?
If as a large volume in a dish, maybe go for another vegetable, chopped or pureed.
If as garnish to a finished dish, go for another savoury sauce you like...Bearnaise, Hollandaise, green goddess, whatever goes with the main ingredient.
If as a tablespoon or two for umami go for another sauce you like in small amounts....for example, fish or Worcestershire sauce, hoi sin, barbecue sauce, Thai peanut sauce.
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