Any tips on making coating stick on calmari, and cooking it up crispy?

I usually do egg dunk and flour then deep fry in veg oil. The coating tends to fall off.



Frontalgirl April 2, 2011
Thanks all! I'm going to try all the suggestions. I love calamri, so this will be a delicious experiment!
casa-giardino April 2, 2011
Sorry guys - wrong picture for fried calamari
casa-giardino April 2, 2011
I have been frying calamari for 40 years. Place the calamari in a flour mixture for 1o to 15 minutes. Just before frying (smoking vegetable oil) dust off the excess flour and fry (a handfull at a time).
Sam1148 March 31, 2011
For quick, easy clean up; cut up the stuff. Put it in a paper bag with seasoned flour or some cornstarch. And shake it. Then dredge in the egg wash and dredge through the main coating.

For extra Crisp. Smash up panko bread crumbs in a zip lock with a rolling pin and add that to the final coating.
aargersi March 31, 2011
I actually whisk the cornstarch right in to the egg wash ... lazy and all .... works pretty well!!
hardlikearmour March 31, 2011
I second Sam's advice.
Sam1148 March 31, 2011
Dust with flour or cornstarch first. THEN the egg wash, then flour again. The egg won't stick unless it has something to hang on too, it needs a dry 'undercoating' before the egg wash.
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