What is the size of the Yukon Gold potatoes in Grams?

Does anyone know how much a small or large Yukon Gold Potato is supposed to weigh? We don't have this variety available in the UK, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to substitute. I would like to use a waxy potato, like Yukon Gold, but the varieties available are smaller than in the US.

  • Posted by: mungo
  • February 29, 2020


Nancy February 29, 2020
Mungo - two answers.
First, descriptors such as "large potatoes" are hard to gauge because subjective. That said lately I've been finding the lg potatoes I buy range from 200 to 400g so 2 of them would weigh 600g plus or minus.
Second, if you live in a place that commonly cooks in one system & you also read and cook in another, I find it helpful to keep in mind a few basic conversions for everyday cooking and a chart for more detailed recipe adaptations.
Or, maybe you already do that and needed just this potato amount.
Nancy February 29, 2020
More info.
Another source (not just recent market info) says ten yukon gold potatoes weigh 1.35 kg, so 135g each.
Substitute any thin-skinned local variety (yellow if possible, otherwise red or white skinned).
Do not use russet or other bakkng potatoes as they have more strarch starch than Yukon Gold.
mungo March 4, 2020
Thank you! Yes, I keep a regular set of conversions that I need a lot, but I don't cook with potatoes very much so I thought it best to enquire.
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