Have you ever frozen roasted cantaloupe?

I want to use the roasted cantaloupe in a soup recipe (also on Food52), which I will make for a family dinner in a few weeks. But I have the cantaloupe right now. Any idea on how it would freeze? Thanks!



dickensthedog February 29, 2020
Thanks for getting right back to me. I sure will. I remembered that I do freeze fresh cantaloupe in the summer for smoothies, which works out fine. I took a chance and roasted it this morning, and it is now in the freezer waiting for the soup : )
Happygoin February 29, 2020
This is just a guess, but as cantaloupe is mostly water, I’d think it would freeze like a slushy ice pop. If you’ll be blending the soup, I bet it will work fine. Let us know...
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