Adapting a watermelon pudding recipe

Made a version of this today:, but used cantaloupe instead of watermelon because I inadvertently had frozen my watermelon in the back of my fridge and turned it to sludge, but luckily I had two cantaloupes on hand. It came out ok - good flavor but a little too firm, probably b/c I winged it on how much to adjust the amount of cornstarch with a different melon with a different water content. Anyhow, it was successful enough that I'd like to try making something like this, but with lemongrass (which I got a lot of in the CSA this week), ginger, and some other seasonal fruit. Two questions: 1) I am drawing a blank on what kind of fruit would work in a pudding with ginger and lemongrass, and 2) how to better adjust the ratio of cornstarch to fruit based on the water content of the fruit I use. I realize I probably need to answer the first question before I answer the second one, but any suggestions are appreciated!

Kristen W.


Kristen W. July 27, 2015
P.S. Today I walked into my local market that I go to a couple times a week and fairly immediately spotted a giant display of mangos that has probably been there for months. I guess I was blind to them when I wasn't looking for them!
Kristen W. July 26, 2015
Ah, great suggestion - I'll do that!
Kristen W. July 26, 2015
Thanks, Nancy. Mangoes were actually the one fruit I thought of but I haven't seen them in the stores I normally shop at lately. I have access to Asian and Mexican supermarkets though, so I could probably find them there. Coconut is a great idea - I hadn't thought of that! I wonder if I used puréed mango thinned out with some coconut juice if I could hit the right texture...I rarely make desserts so I don't have a lot of experience to rely on when improvising on the sweet side...
Nancy July 26, 2015
Glad my comments got you thinking.
If you're playing with a recipe & worried about how the variations will work, maybe ask the author, Emiko, directly what she's done & for her tips.
Nancy July 26, 2015
fruits used in Thai cooking, e.g. mango, pineapple, rambutan, dragon fruit, coconut & others more exotic if available near you
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