Anyone have a recipe/instructions for diy silken tofu?

Went to a restaurant last night that had homemade tofu on the menu, and it was the sleeper hit of the orders. It was as creamy and silky as good custard, and more flavorful by a mile than any block I've gotten from the grocery store. Anyone have experience with making something like this?

Stephanie B.


HalfPint March 11, 2020
I would check out Andrea Nguyen's Asian Tofu cookbook. She has instructions to make your own tofu. I would also check out her blog Vietworld Kitchen. She has shortcuts for making tofu:

Making your own tofu is not hard, but it's also not a quick process. If you can find a source for freshly made soy milk (like that day), most of the work is done and you only need a coagulant to make the tofu. My sister use to make her own soy milk. While it was a bit labor intensive, the final product was incredible. I have never been able to find a commercial brand that was comparable.
Nancy March 11, 2020
Why not ask the restaurant for their recipe?
Gourmet (RIP) had a feature which did that for readers.
And I've done it successfully as a a great recipe for ancho creme brulee that way.
Worst they can say is no, and you continue the hunt.
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