Any ideas for replacement for salami?

Non-beef/non-pork replacement for the salami? I realize I could leave it out but I'd like a protein to add

  • Posted by: J
  • March 19, 2020
Toasted Farro & Antipasto Salad
Recipe question for: Toasted Farro & Antipasto Salad


Tsimpson512 January 8, 2023
Closest thing I've found that comes close to a replacement taste wise and that isn't pork is turkey pepperoni. I use it in my pasta salads, it's a great replacement.
EmilyC March 20, 2020
Agree on the idea of using tuna! I’d drain and toss it in a little of the vinaigrette, then add it to the farro salad (after it’s broiled) with the tomatoes and arugula. Or you could cook virtually any type of protein — chicken breast, steak, tilapia, shrimp — and toss it in at the end!
Nancy March 20, 2020
Or other fish (whether canned or poached). Anchovy (fillets), smoked mackerel, sardines, salmon, cod.
Or Parmesan (cut from a wedge).
Karen March 19, 2020
Hi J! I think tune or a soft boiled jammy egg would be pretty nice with these ingredients.
Karen March 19, 2020
Whoops! Tunaaaaa, while listening to tunes ;)
J March 19, 2020
Hadn't thought of tuna, thanx. How thick of a piece would you think?
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