Interactive dinner planner - for Passover?

Do you still have this planner on site?
I remember it before for, I think, Thanksgiving and Christmas?
If yes, where to find it please?
And if yes, would love to see it by end March, so we have about 10 days to plan menu, shop, start some of the component cooking....

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • March 20, 2020


Brinda A. March 20, 2020
Hey Nancy, I think you might be referring to our Menu Maker, which we update for Thanksgiving, the holidays, and in years past, spring and fall. This year, while we won't have a spring-specific Menu Maker, we do have a collection of Passover-friendly recipes here:,test-kitchen-approved&o=newest

I hope this helps!
Nancy March 20, 2020
Brinda -
OK, I understand.
No "menu maker" this spring.
And yes use a filter on the recipe section to write a play list, as it were, for Passover, Easter or another meal.
Thanks, Nancy
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