I have been waiting to make this break for ever (needed to get some psyllium husk) - now there is NO yeast of any kind in stores!

are there any subs I can make in the recipe to adapt it to be a yeast free bread/substitutions? Can I omit the yeast and carry on as normal (omitting proof times of course)?

Aran Goyoaga Gluten Free Bread
Recipe question for: Aran Goyoaga Gluten Free Bread


Windsoftime1799 March 23, 2020
Yeast Yeast Yeast
Please refer to recipes using BEER as a yeast substitute.
OR, think international and just search YEAST ... there are many food items used in other cultures countries
Nancy March 23, 2020
Following Emily K's suggestion, make another bread using baking soda, but not this one adapted (roughly).
Rather, go for something that's delicious and tried and true - Irish soda bread (see recipe section for ones by boulangere or Gammy).
Windsoftime1799 March 23, 2020
Oh ☘️Irish Soda bread is SOOOOO great stores were out of any breads but ordered {Irish}Soda Bread...
We'll be eating that for days in end with butter or just plain ....now my oven broke down couple years ago ... But if I bake bread do it on the stove ... Remember you can also make cornbread in a skillet ... Iron works best ... Or any grain bread in a skillet ... Now's the Time to think or check recipes from some 100+ years ago...160 years ago...find old cook books on line...I seem to be in dire straits as many rough times with medical & keeping kid in college ... Every penny counts ... I thin back to days of my great great grandmother ...an orphan ...but she did everything and did well. on
half pennies not Pounds as in Scottish monies ... Everybody will get by ... A great time to sew or learn how to make LACE with nothing fancy...you could unravel an old pillow case for thread ... make a grid for lacemaking with old picture frame & nails ... find instructions on line for lacemaking many many sites
The PAST is a rich source of HELP. 🕊️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Lily 🌹

Nancy March 24, 2020
boulangere's uses baking soda and beer for rise, helped along by yogurt and honey
Gammy's uses b soda AND b powder, helped along by buttermilk & sugar
Emily K. March 23, 2020
Ah, so sorry about that! Your best bet might be to save this one until you have the yeast this calls for, but (while I’ve never tried it myself, and am not a big baker) some say you can substitute the yeast with baking powder or baking soda and lemon juice if you need to—just not sure you’ll wind up with the same results!
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