How can I convert this recipe to mini loave tins? I love the crust and want to eliminate gumminess to mini loaf pans

adore this recipe The crust is my favorite Want to convert to 4 mini loaves What would be the suggested baking time and temp? Sometimes my loaves are too gummy and i thought mini loaves woukd solve this problem Since my products are from authentic foods and the psyllium Anthonys
Aran Goyoaga Gluten Free Bread
Recipe question for: Aran Goyoaga Gluten Free Bread


AntoniaJames October 12, 2021
My rule of thumb for converting to mini loaves (which I've been doing a lot since I started cooking just for my husband and me) is to reduce the baking time by 25 percent, but to start checking 5 minutes before that. It's definitely a good idea to check with a thermometer, and feel free to tent with foil if the loaves seem too dark before the inside has reached the desired temperature. (An exception to this rule applies when converting bundt cake recipes to mini loaves, where the reduction in time is usually less, due to the hole in the middle of the pan.) ;o)
Nancy October 12, 2021
See also the recent reviews, where another person had the same problem and was advised to use very fine milled grain, and less water to reduce gumminess.
drbabs October 11, 2021
What an interesting recipe. For mini loaves, I’d bake it at 425 as per the recipe, but start checking the internal temperature after a half hour or so. The temperature should be around 190-200 degrees Fahrenheit. And the author says that it has to cool completely or the crumb will be gummy, so don’t cut into it till it cools completely.
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