Why is my dough so runny? Dry vs wet ingredients

Why is there so much liquid (400 g) vs the dry ingredients (300 g)? My dough is so liquidy and runny.

Ania Ligocka
Aran Goyoaga Gluten Free Bread
Recipe question for: Aran Goyoaga Gluten Free Bread


Aran G. May 6, 2020
Hi, Are you using psyllium husk powder? Not flakes but actual powder that resembles flour? The psyllium absorbs the water creating a gel that will give structure to the dough. We made a video for Food 52 about this recipe so you can watch the consistencies and all explanations.

Ania L. May 6, 2020
No, I did not, I read somewhere I can substitute flax meal as a thickener (as that is what I always use for baking). This must be the problem. Would it work better if I ground up the flax even more to a finer consistency like in the video? Or does it have to be psyllium husk powder?

Thank you for responding
Aran G. May 6, 2020
Unfortunately flax doesn't work the same as psyllium in high hydration recipes that require great expansion such as in yeast breads. Flax works well alone for egg substitutions in cakes but not when the dough needs to expand quite a bit.
Ania L. May 6, 2020
Thanks a lot for the learning opportunity
Aran G. May 6, 2020
Hope you will try it with psyllium. make sure you buy psyllium husk powder and not whole or flakes. You want it to be like flour, finely milled.
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