How to fix lumpy choux batter ???

Hi lovely people,

I'm trying to fix my friend's 'failed' choux batter, it is quite lumpy and sadly has been left overnight uncovered, so the top is a little bit dried out.

I'm thinking of putting the whole thing into a blender, and since it looks kind of dry (compared to all the lovely choux batters I've seen on cooking blogs), maybe adding an egg or a bit of milk (?)

My friend told me to just throw the batter away and mix up a new batch, but it's not my style to waste food, and I would like to be experimental and try to fix this haha.

As Im totally a newbie in making choux, I would like to hear your opinion. I would appreciate ANY suggestions.

Wish you all stay safe at home and happy baking <3

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Nancy March 26, 2020
Where was batter/dough left overnight?
If in fridge, dry but ok.
If room temp, more than two hours' limit for safety, and dangerous to eat.
lanchinguyennn March 27, 2020
thanks, it was in the fridge :)
Nancy March 27, 2020
That's good.
Alex E. March 26, 2020
Hi there! Everything I'm reading recommends trying to beat it with an electric whisk to smooth out the lumps.
lanchinguyennn March 27, 2020
thank you !!! I ended up running the batter through a strainer, which helps a little bit but not totally, will try beating it with the mixer also :)
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