I don't have two ingredients would it still taste okay...

Would I be able to exclude white wine and clam juice? I am not able to go to the store myself and the person who got me the ingredients forgot those two things 🤷 Also, can I exchange the pasta for white rice?

Melody Sacpopo


Joanna S. March 28, 2020
Hi Melody! I would replace the wine and clam juice with 2 cups of stock or broth (seafood, vegetable, or chicken) If you have it, or just with 2 cups of water if you don’t. It’s really just to add flavor so it should be OK to omit (though arguably less flavorful). As for the white rice, this should be fine too, but it’ll mean skipping the step of adding starchy pasta water to the sauce, which will make it nice and silky. That said, it should still be delicious over rice as well. Hope this helps!
Nancy March 28, 2020
Agree with Joanna.
You could also evoke some of the fruitiness and sourness of the wine by using a little clear juice (apple, white grape) or vinegar.
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