Honey Dijon Carrot salad and What protein go well together?

I have a bag of carrots that are about to start spoiling so i thought I’d make a carrot slaw out of them however I’m drawing a blank as to what protein to cook that would go well with the honey Dijon dressing in the slaw?

Angela Rochon


Stephanie B. March 31, 2020
And if you have the time, any number of cooked dried beans if you don't eat meat, or canned if you don't feel like waiting for beans to cook. Or something quick cooking like lentils (I'd do green/brown).
Coral L. March 31, 2020
Yum! Honey dijon plays well with fish, pork, and As HalfPint said, chicken.
HalfPint March 30, 2020
Grilled Chicken - simply seasoned with salt and pepper

If you don't have a grill, roasted chicken.

Really any white meat would work.
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