Anyone else have a KitchenAid pasta cutter? Just used mine for the first time and it was a disaster!!!! Am I doing something wrong or does it just not work very well?

  • Posted by: LBurt
  • September 25, 2010


miantiao November 25, 2013
I tried so hard, but still can't make it work good. I called service centre, they refused to admit that it is a faulty product. The play between two cut edges is just too wide. Other brands have not this problem.
darksideofthespoon November 12, 2012
Mine cuts poorly, some are loose and some are stuck together. The drier my pasta dough is the better it works. If we're in a hurry we'll usually just roll it and cut it into tagliatelle or handkerchief noodles. All in all, the roller/cutters weren't a good investment. :P
witloof November 12, 2012
My Kitchenaid cutter doesn't work either. I just use a bench cutter and make wide noodles.
Sam1148 November 12, 2012
I like the hand crank models...but my arm doesn't. Or my tiny kitchen. I inlist the SO to help crank. And use a ironing board to attach the pasta maker for larger/longer work surface. With news print or wax paper on the ironing board.
anntr November 11, 2012
I have been making pasta for 40 years. I began with a knife, graduated to the imperia hand crank, added a motor when the kids were little to have an extra hand, When my motor died, I decided to get the attachments for my kitchen aid. Not one time have the cutter actually cut the dough. I want bank to my hand crank imperia, beautiful. I guess I will buy another motor. Maybe it was a bad kitchen aid batch (but both cutters) I expected so much more from kitchen aid. Very disappointed.
pierino September 28, 2010
For anything but lasagne I would roll out to the second to last setting. But you have to do this in a sequence: you need to start at low setting, fold your dough (about the size of an egg) back over itself, put through once and then, using half turns work it through the rollers repeatedly until you gradually get to second to last. What I don't like about the KitchenAid (one of the few things) is that you have to remove the roller attachment to attach the cutters. But of course you can cut by hand with a really sharp knife. I would also add a sprinkling of bench flour to the rollers/cutters. I can think of about a zillion other things but those would be the first I would address before blaming the machine.
Gale September 27, 2010
If you rolled it to 5 or 6 think it sounds like a attachment problem not anything you did. Even at the thinnest I have been able to cut it. Call KA's customer service, they are usually very helpful.
justiner September 27, 2010
sounds like something may be wrong with your attachment. i've never had that problem even with very thin sheets.
LBurt September 26, 2010
Maybe. What setting do you usually roll it to? I think I did it to 5 or 6.
Gale September 26, 2010
Did you roll the pasta out too thin before trying to cut it? If not, then call Kitchen Aid - the tolerance may be too great because you should be able to cut it. I have never had this problem, but don't go too thin either unless I am cutting by hand. Once I lost my hand crank person (she grew up) I got the attachment which is great.
LBurt September 26, 2010
Sorry, should've been more specific. The pasta cutter didn't really cut anything, the pasta sheets came out on the other side with just indentations. The roller attachment worked great, but the cutters just didn't cut.
Kevin September 26, 2010
Without knowing what you were doing and what your specific problem was your question can't be answered.
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