Instant yeast as sub for active dry yeast

Can I use instant yeast to substitute active dry yeast as I couldn’t find this in the store.

Priscilla Chen
Aran Goyoaga Gluten Free Bread
Recipe question for: Aran Goyoaga Gluten Free Bread


Brinda A. April 5, 2020
Hi Priscilla, I think that should work just fine in equal proportions! Do you know how old the instant yeast is? With active dry yeast, you have the benefit of being able to check whether it is alive/active or not by “proofing” it with some warm water and sugar before adding it to the bread mixture. With instant yeast, there’s not really a way to do that. But if your instant yeast is newish and you’ve used packets of it recently with success, you should be good to go. Hope this helps!
Priscilla C. April 9, 2020
Thanks Brinda! I used the instant yeast as it was new and worked well! Just that the crust came out a bit sour, not sure why
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