I bought a large container of Ghiradelli white chocolate powder. I cannot find many or any recipes using it?

Their website has zero.

Kristy Morrill


Miss_Karen April 6, 2020
FWIW I do lot of baking (cookies etc) however, as Emma said: I've never worked with this product either. Perhaps a white chocolate bread? Perhaps mix the wcp with a tiny bit of cream to make a paste- then use the paste in Babka or cinnamon rolls...
Miss_Karen April 6, 2020
I just Googled 'white chocolate powder recipes' and lots came up!
Kristy M. April 6, 2020
yeah - I did that and then read then and almost all were calling for white chocolate bar or chips not powder. I am going to experiment with regular cocoa recipes and switch it out to see how it goes. And I'll use it for a shake with a protein powder I guess.
Miss_Karen April 6, 2020
Try just swapping wcp for ordinary cp. I'm curious now... LMK how it goes🙂
Nancy April 6, 2020
Kristy M - there are also recipes out there for (regular) chocolate powder, meaning ground up chocolate. I think they will be closer to your product as being tempered or manufactured chocolate including fat and then ground up. (Check the ingredient label.)
Cocoa powder doesn't have the fat, so recipe might be too dry if you used that ingredient as a solo substitute. Add some butter or other good fat.
Miss_Karen April 6, 2020
I would think you could swap it out for any recipe calling for cocoa powder- then reduce the sugar in the recipe slightly. I would probably attempt this with either a cookie or lemon brownie recipe.
Kristy M. April 6, 2020
gonna try that will let y'all know!
Emma L. April 6, 2020
Hi Kristy! I've actually never worked with white chocolate powder, but it sounds fun—curious to hear if other community members have experimented with it. Maybe hot cocoa or stirred into coffee? Bet it would also be delicious stirred into a chocolate or caramel sauce.
Kristy M. April 6, 2020
I was thinking cheesecake or mousse recipe???
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