Creative uses for household items

Hi, this is Arati, a senior editor here at Food52. I have a question for all of you: What are all the ways in which you are repurposing or finding new uses for household items/objects (which could be market totes, storage items, furniture, old tins of paint, scraps, even compost!)? No idea is too small here! Thank you, and stay well!

Arati Menon


Nancy April 20, 2020
Atari- icymi- real simple magazine has been running a column devoted to this concept for years, a decade at least.
Coral L. April 15, 2020
Hi Arati! This past weekend, I fished a few egg cartons out of the recycling bin to make seed starting trays. And when I realized how good/therapeutic it felt to pat down some soil, I started cleaning out the house for anything and everything egg-carton-esque. I’ve turned a brownie pan into a seed starting tray. Cut up milk cartons. Gross-smelling ice cube trays. OK-smelling ice cube trays. All are now devoted to the growing of salad greens (which have started sprouting today, yay!)
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