I used coffee instead of espresso?

I made this cake and everything turned out wonderful except I couldn’t find espresso powder so I used what I had and substituted for coffee. But it gave the cake coffee water taste ( if that makes sense) any idea what went wrong?




Jessie S. April 17, 2020
I agree with Nancy’s comment. It’s such a small amount of espresso plus water in the original recipe, that I’m surprised substituting coffee affected the flavor of the cake that dramatically. Next time, and I hope there is one! - you could leave it out and just add the water. The espresso is just there to bump up the chocolate flavor of the cake, it is not there to add coffee notes, as it were.
Nancy April 17, 2020
Do you mean a weak-coffee taste?
I'm guessing the ground coffee you used was either more coarsely ground than espresso or a milder roast.
Either might have caused a weaker coffee taste.
If your coffee was fine ground or darkly roasted, I'm out of guesses and hope others have suggestions.
Avalentin21 April 17, 2020
Hi Nancy,
I think it was the grind on my coffee being to coarse. I’ll do without for next time.
Such a wonderful cake!
Jessie S. April 17, 2020
so glad you liked!
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