would like to make cupcakes for Easter

hi! I would like to make 24 cupcakes with this recipe. any suggestions on increasing the measurements? thanks!

  • Posted by: Annie
  • March 29, 2021


Nancy March 29, 2021
Another way to figure it.
The original recipe fills an 8" sq pan, which is 6-8 cups capacity (depending on height).
24 cupcakes need 6 to 12 cups total.
So single cake batch might be enough.
Maybe make one batch, see how many cup cakes that gives you, and proceed accordingly.
Annie March 29, 2021
Thank you Jacob and Jessie!
Jessie S. March 29, 2021
you're so welcome!
Jessie S. March 29, 2021
I agree with Jacob K! Double the cake recipe. It might make a bit more than 24, but can’t see that being a problem. And the recipe makes a lot of frosting, so I think you should be fine with the amount of frosting. Good luck!
Jacob K. March 29, 2021
From the looks of this recipe, I think you can just double the ingredients for the cupcakes themselves. This type of recipe is probably going to yield you about 12 cupcakes. That would mean if you double it, then you'll have 24. There is a chance you'll end up with a little under or over. A lot depends on your oven and ingredients. When it comes to the frosting, a lot depends on how you plan on designing them. You'll definitely want to double the amounts, but there is a good chance you might be under, so figure out your piping ideas, then go from there. If you triple the frosting amounts, you'll have leftovers, which can easily be frozen and used for another cake or other cupcakes.
Jessie S. March 29, 2021
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