I have this predicted flour that I was forced to use because of Covid. It says it’s predicted. My question is i am following this recipe that ask for

Calls for 359 grams 2 1/2 cups of flour(this includes BS and BK. When I sift it comes out to 344g when I don’t sift it comes out to 359. What I do is just add more flour to my sifted amount to reach 359 g. Is this right?



Lizziloo April 23, 2020
Amazing. That’s what I’ve been doing. Thank you for your quick response.
BakerBren April 23, 2020
Correct add enough flour to achieve the 359g called for in the recipe.
Lizziloo April 23, 2020
Sorry it supposed to say pre-sifted. Auto correct.
Miss_Karen April 24, 2020
Gotta love auto-incorrect! I saw this post and wondered what the heck 'predicted ' flour was...😉
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