Cornstarch and Flour - Need Clarification on Substitution

So I'm seeing around that you generally use half the amount of cornstarch as you do flour. However, I do want to clarify something. If a recipe calls for a cup of flour, do I use a cup of flour + half a cup of cornstarch, or do I use half a cup of flour + 1/4 cup of cornstarch (since I'd need another half cup of flour to make up the entire cup in the recipe, which I then divided by 2). Thanks!

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1 Comment

Nancy October 2, 2020
I'm afraid one can't replace flour with cornstarch in volume for baking or a pie crust. For that one needs other kinds of flour, breadcrumbs, crackers or rolled oats.
Yes, cornstarch may be used to replace flour, but only in small amounts (about a tablespoon) for thickening purposes.
I'm working here from a reliable "substitutions bible."
FYI, the only place I know of where cornstarch is conventionally used in baking, it is in recipes for shortbread....where it is not used alone and where there is virtually no rise expected.
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