Why should I use a nonstick pan?

The recipe says “do not use nonstick.” Why is this important? What happens if you use a nonstick pan?

Perry Tsai
Korean Fresh Cream Cake
Recipe question for: Korean Fresh Cream Cake


Irene Y. May 6, 2020
If you use a nonstick pan, the batter won't cling to the sides which is crucial for getting a nice, high rise!
Perry T. May 6, 2020
Oh ok, that’s what I would have expected, but the recipe says “do not use nonstick,” is that just a typo?
Irene Y. May 7, 2020
Ah, to clarify, do not use a non stick pan! You want the batter to cling to the sides so it can rise properly, which won't happen with a nonstick pan. Hope that helps :D
Perry T. May 7, 2020
Oh I see, I misread your first response. The double-negatives are confusing haha. Thank you for the clarification!
Perry T. May 13, 2020
Followup question: why does avoiding a nonstick pan matter if you’re lining with parchment paper anyway?
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