My cake became densed at the bottom after I cooled it down. Can I know what have I done wrong to cause it like this? W a

Was thinking of making this for a customer order but now the cake has turned into disaster

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Korean Fresh Cream Cake
Recipe question for: Korean Fresh Cream Cake

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drbabs June 27, 2021
There are so many reasons why this can happen. There is a comment about this under the recipe, and the author wrote: "The key to getting the signature airiness to this cake to whip the eggs as stiff as possible (just before they get overbeaten, it's a delicate balance for sure). " The whipped egg whites are the cake's only leavening. So if they're over-whipped, they'll collapse, and if they're under-whipped, there won't be enough structure to hold the cake up, and it will sink after it comes out of the oven. The author adds cream of tartar to the egg whites to stabilize the foam; I've found that a generous pinch of kosher salt will do the same thing. I hope this helps.
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