Huntboss mail mans dog can i feed this to my dog like omg girl go me

can i feed this too my dog???}[

Korean Fresh Cream Cake
Recipe question for: Korean Fresh Cream Cake


Miss_Karen November 19, 2021
What kind of English is this?! This makes zero sense.
702551 November 19, 2021
Look, most of the people on this planet don't call English their first language. Cut these people some slack.

If OP is a native English speaker, this is a grim omen for the future of people who speak this language as their native tongue. But enough of that...

Lori T. nailed the more important point.
Lori T. November 19, 2021
Can and should are two different things. For your dog's health, I suggest you learn the difference. Your dog is not a garbage disposal.
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