Chicken safety - gizzards - is it safe to eat?


I bought a whole chicken from the grocery store, and it has some innards/gizzards (I have bought these tons of times before and they've never been there).

Including a weird green bit. I removed all of these (had to pull a little bit to get them out), before putting it in the oven... while waiting to hear if it's safe to eat or not?

Thank you :)

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louisez May 25, 2020
No idea about the green thing. I used to cook the giblets, sometimes used in giblet gravy, or made as a great for our cats
Gammy May 24, 2020
Most chickens I buy do have giblets inside the cavity, but not always the same pieces (lol!), sometimes no liver, sometimes 2 or 3 livers and no gizzard,usually there is also a piece of neck. Don't remember ever seeing that green piece... i would toss that. The gizzard (the bigger piece with the bit of silver skin) has good flavor, though it is chewy. The dark lump could be a heart (again, good to eat), or a piece of the chicken liver (my favorite giblet piece) or some misc. piece of chicken inner that I toss. You can always put all in a small pan, cover with water and cook along with the chicken, then deglaze the pan with the broth to make a tasty jus.
Eileend May 25, 2020
Thanks for your reply! Yes usually I wouldnt be bothered about them, just that since these chickens don't usually have them and there was a very questionable looking bit I was concerned.

Liver is delicious chopped up in stuffing :)
Gammy May 25, 2020
This cook loves chicken livers! I saute the livers that come in the chicken and eat on toast... my little treat before dinner!
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