Cornstarch in pound cake change texture?

3c flour -6T. +6T cornstarch, then sifted= cake flour for Buttermilk pound cake recipe. Flavor is good, texture dense but almost cornbread like & not moist tender. Too much Cornstarch? Followed the recipe exactly.

The Thyme Savor


HalfPint May 27, 2020
Sounds like the recipe was trying to substitute for cake flour which has less protein. The subtraction of flour and then addition of cornstarch is a known substitute, but it is not foolproof, as you discovered. The flour may have had a higher percentage of protein which could make the final cake dense.
The T. May 27, 2020
I am determined to get it right. Once cake flour is back on the shelves! Then we’ll really know how the recipe is. Thx for your reply!
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